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Yes, this IS Sherwood's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
Video Clips and Photos Site.
But Houston, we have a problem...

Letter from the Webmistress
August 7, 2000

As I've put this site together, I've always said for y'all to help yourselves to any photos and video clips that I included on these pages. Due to the courtesy of the people who have visited the site since it's inception, I have never felt the need to request that anyone ask permission to put any of my photos on their websites. Why? Because to date, anyone who put the photos that I have literally spent HOURS shooting, organizing, & uploading for the enjoyment of the WLIIA fans out there, has always requested permission before adding them to their websites, included a link back to this site, or at the very least, put my name SOMEPLACE nearby. Until now.

Upon scoping out new Slattery sites on the WLIIA? webring list, I just ran across a new Slattery site just LOADED with most, if not ALL, the photos from my main Slattery photo page. Nobody asked permission. Nobody gave credit. There's no link back to my site, not even on the "Links" page.
Nothing. Nada. Nicht.

Wait, it gets better! I can deal with the unannounced "borrowing" of my photos; it's the Internet, it happens. What has really set me off is the fact that the webmaster has java-script rigged all the pages in that site in such a way that you can't take photos from THEIR site. The handy dandy "right click, save as..." function doesn't work there. Isn't that neat? They've got no problem "borrowing" from other sites, but when it comes to sharing - ehem - "their" photos, they want no part of it.

(Not that there aren't ways around said java-script. I've got a great collection of some of those "unborrowable" photos: from Tony's movie "The Wedding Tackle", as well as a FEW Slattery photos that I'VE not seen on other sites. They are now residing happily on my hard drive. Please drop me an email if you'd like to see them posted on a page that is, in fact,
"right click, save as..." friendly.)

By all means, please continue to enjoy my site. If you wish to use any photos or clips from here on your web pages, please do what MOST of you have been doing all along, just drop me a courtesy email (I won't say you CAN'T, I just like to know where my photos are ending up, so I don't get nasty surprises like I got tonight) and give a little credit where it's due. :) Please. Thank you.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program,
already in progress...

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